Welcome to Kenrick's Wines

Nestled in the heart of Fulham, Kenrick's Wines is an independent wine boutique committed to offering a bespoke customer experience. We put the on emphasis on quality, value and personality.

A New Journey Begins


Every single bottle of Kenrick's wine, beer and spirits starts its journey with Kenrick - our dedicated specialist - where the finest produce is put to the test.

Our curated mixed cases capture the unique spirit and beauty of our selection.


Meet Franco-British wine Merchant Kenrick Bush. Born and raised in Paris Kenrick began his journey in the wine trade at 18 years old.

It's his passion for personality, quality and value at every step that makes us who we are.


The Fulham store is brought to life by experienced merchant Kenrick, who lovingly hand chose every bottle.

We're helping our customers have free rein to experiment with their choices by displaying our selection a little bit differently - opting for styles over region.

Experience our tasting room

Hidden beneath our Fulham store we have a unique space dedicated to specialist tastings. This beautiful space is specifically set out to provide a sociable, discovery experience for our customers.

A newly open Wine Shop in Fulham and it is absolutely worth a visit! They have great selection of wine and Ken really know what he’s talking about and super helpful finding the right wine for you. Thanks a million!

Lea B.

Was walking down Wandsworth Bridge Road and I came across a new wine shop. I went in. Easy to find the wines I wanted, and the price was very reasonable. Staff very friendly and attentive. Big addition to the area.

Terry C.

Newly opened last week - dropped by today and enjoyed taking a look at the range of wine and beer. Very attentive staff and an interesting selection of craft beers (I even got a free beer to take home and try!). A very welcome addition to South Fulham.

Michael L.

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“The independent wine merchant…[was] genuinely passionate and knowledgeable small businesses form the heart of the community. I spotted a new arrival in Fulham last year, and I finally managed to pop in last week in mystery shopper mode, and what a treat it was. I earwigged the manager talking to another customer through a couple of wines, and it was clear he knew each inside out. I bought five bottles and each was a delight.“

Mathew Jukes